Entropion Surgery? Things You Need Know First

Published: 27th October 2010
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As we get older, our skin becomes less firm and just like any indications of aging a lot of people feel uncomfortable with these changes in their appearance. Our eyelids are usually the first recognizable place on our body that the firmness dies out from and wrinkles appear. Unfortunately, for some, this occurrence of sagging skin may cause the condition entropion, or even the turning inward of the lower eyelids.

What are the negative effects of Entropion?
Since the eyelid turns inward with entropion, the eyelashes and also the skin of the eyelid may destroy the membranes that shield the eyes and the cornea. When this rubbing occurs, things just like too much tearing, mucous release, crusting of the eyelid, eyelid inflammation, itchiness of the eye and even impaired vision can take place. These all may result in a serious disease of the eye.

Surgery Alternative
Any person affected by this condition can stay away from having surgery to improve it by making use of lubricating eye drops, taping the eyelids, and also by getting Botox injection therapy, but these are only recommended for the short term relief. For long lasting relief, surgery is recommended to be able to restrict permanent damage to your eyes due to the eyelid rubbing on the eye surface.

Entropion Eye Surgery
To be able to correct the entropion for life, surgery will likely be necessary. With surgery the eyelids might be returned to the normal placement, guarding the eye and correcting the issues that are triggered. The type of surgery necessary to correct entropion is pretty basic and quick – it's generally carried out as an outpatient process.For many, the repairs of the eyelids may also give higher confidence in their appearance and wellbeing as the surgeon won't correct the harmful condition of entropion, but they will usually also reduce the look of wrinkles and swelling. This will likely give your eyes an even more younger lookingappearance.As with any cosmetic related surgery, ensure that you research your cosmetic surgeon before committing to just any person. Patients of this kind of surgery are generally older, however, many younger patients with entropion as a result of genetics may also be eligible. It's possible, that in situations where the necessity for surgery is medical and not just cosmetic, that your insurance carrier will cover some or all the costs.

Even though this is not a very complicated process, it does need the hands of the skilled surgeon to operate the procedure, depending on the experience of the surgeon and the situation of the entropion, the starting cost of a surgery can start from $3,000 onwards per eye.

Sometimes just a couple stitches, while you are under local anesthesia, are all that is necessary to tighten the eyelids. The stitches are usually passed from inside your eyelid to a higher level on the skin outside the lid.You should expect some pain and irritation after surgery and also your doctor will probably render an eye patch to wear in order to shelter your eye.

Be sure to follow your doctor’s orders to avoid any further complications and additional surgeries. Once the simple entropion surgery is performed and your eyes are healed, the improvement of your eyes will assure you that it was worth it.

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